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The Value Of Our Brand

The Assandur Brand tells a story of family, friendships and unity. Whether together or apart, our story is that of love.,

The Assandur Brand consists of Gins, Wines & MCC and is a proudly South African love affair. Our brand aims to bring people together to create, revive as well as encourage meaningful and sustainable loving relations with YOU as an individual firstly, friends, colleagues and families through our product offering.
Everything we do is handcrafted and we take our time in producing our products, carefully selecting the best ingredients complimented by love and passion for our consumers. We are a proudly South African brand that thinks locally but acting globally, delivering/service to the international market as well…

Product Offering

Passion Muse Assandur Gin


Our products are produced, distilled, bottled and distributed from Hermanus in the Western Cape, South Africa. Assandur Gins are triple distilled with our spring and mountain water which makes it a standout taste and product. Our variants include SUMI, SPICY MUCH, NACHRL SITRS GIN and PASSION MUSE.

wine sauvignon blanc


Our wine collection consists of a Shiraz, a Sauvignon Blanc and a Rosè. Our Shiraz spends at least 4 years in oak barrels before release to ensure maturity of the wine, which creates a softness to the palate. Our JOI Vintage MCC wine lays in wait & creation for 4 years before we release to you – friends of Assandur.

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Products or Special Offers

asanda solinjani mjobo assandur ceo

The Story Behind The Assandur Brand

Assandur Brand is a 100% black and female owned entity founded by a South African entrepreneur, Asanda Mjobo Solinjani.

The African proverb “Umntu ngumntu ngabantu” in isiXhosa is a true testament as Asanda’s vision to use each other’s gift of love and our passion as a people to heal humanity was realised by an act of kindness also extended to her by kind neighbours, Andrè and his wife Natalie, who then became family friends and eventually mentored Asanda.

Upon realising the talent and potential behind Asanda’s vision and passion of becoming a drinks connoisseur and birthing the brand Assandur – brand name coined from her name Asanda in a modern and chic way – Andre (together with his family) then offered Asanda some acquisition of their Wine Estate and the Distillery. This acquisition came a lifetime opportunity for Asanda to be actively involved in learning about distillery, the wine making business and managing a Wine Estate in general.